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Accounting Book

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Object of the Month - August 2021

Every month, the Museum of the Oldest Appellation in the World highlights one of the objects on display at our permanent exhibition. Discover the object of the month and find out more about our history.

The vast collection of documents produced by Real Companhia Velha, over its 265 years of activity, translates into a unique historical record that encompasses different organizational aspects of this former chartered institution. One of the most relevant sets of this legacy is composed by accounting books. Which demonstrate the accounting evolution of the Company, alongside with innovating accounting methods used during the historical path outlined by Real Companhia Velha.

This book is part of a small selection belonging to the company’s vast accounting collection. To which we dedicate part of the exhibition, through a display presented in the fifth exhibition area of the Museum of the Oldest Appellation in the World.

Paper, ink, leather and metal


Real Companhia Velha

Height: 51 cm x Length: 36,7 cm x Width: 8 cm