Museum of the Oldest Appellation in the World


The mission of the Museum of the Oldest Wine Appellation in the World, is to share with the general public the priceless documentary and artistic collection that has been gathered and preserved for more than 260 years.

Established as an institutional identity, the aim of the Museum is to promote and spread the history and culture of Port Wine, which Real Companhia Velha helped build from its earliest beginnings.


The Museum of the Oldest Appellation in the World aims to showcase the collection belonging to Real Companhia Velha. Our focus is on investigation, incorporation, inventory, documentation, conservation, interpretation, exhibition and promotion with scientific, educational and entertainment purposes, promoting the public’s regular access to the collections on display in the Museum.

The Museum’s main objectives are:

  • To identify, catalog, study, protect, showcase and promote the heritage of our collection. We develop research projects and scientific debate on various themes while keeping with the Museum’s identity: the Douro region, Port wine and the history of Real Companhia Velha;
  • To publish the results of this research and debate by means of exhibitions and/or guided tours, participating in self and joint publications at the level of scientific research, and its divulgation;
  • To extend the Museum’sently being implemented;
  • To support and collabor collection through our acquisition policy and the museological programme, both currate in the work developed by similar cultural institutions, with State bodies that supervise cultural heritage, with other museums and with other national and international cultural entities;
  • To establish partnerships with municipal, national and international institutions with similar objectives, and also to cooperate with educational establishments at every level of education;
  • By means of an activity plan, promote diversified cultural activities to maintain and attract more visitors, associating and cooperating with external initiatives that are pertinent to the Museum’s aim;
  • Through the Educational Service become an informal, economic and social educational resource for development.